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Lockdown doesn't stop learning at Sussex Music School

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We are continuing to deliver instrumental lessons and in all our partner schools to all but a very few of our pupils (online for now) as well as to our private pupils across Sussex. All our instrumental lessons are 1-2-1 and our teachers are now very used to teaching online. 29 new pupils on free school meals in our partner schools have started instrumental lessons in January. SMS are delighted to announce that we are now able to supply hire instruments and music books for free to all our pupil premium learners in schools! Brand new instruments were delivered to several homes earlier this month to a reception of broad smiles all round.

Our private pupils continue to take lessons online and make amazing progress and we with such an extensive network of dedicated and adaptable teachers we have been delighted to be able to match all our new online pupils with teachers who are local to them and we can't wait until they can begin face to face teaching under our Covid secure policies in the future. We have had lots of Adult pupils come to us during this time and it's so fantastic to see them taking up instruments they have always wanted to try or which they have previously played as children.

Lockdown has certainly not been easy for children or adults and it's always lovely to get feedback. We were so heartened to receive this letter from one of our school students recently:

"I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Sussex music school lessons during lockdown. It really has helped me keep focused and when I felt unhappy because of lockdown, I would always go to my piano and feel better once I started playing it. Seeing my teacher, Mimmi, every week was important to me. I think music is very important and everyone would be happier and do better at school if they played a musical instrument.’

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