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Added Value and Service with SMS

Some of our schools are now looking for a closer relationship with SMS. So we are developing ‘Partner Plus’. Your school can choose from a menu of additional support and opportunities in order to broaden your music offering. .

Here is the menu:

  • Our curriculum music teacher visits 1 INSET day and up to 3 staff meetings per year. This ensures teachers/SLT are updated on what’s happening in music, and that our teacher is fully aware of the school’s strategies and expectations and can take part I training. The SMS teacher is more aligned with the school team.

  • Singing assembly

  • Orchestra

  • Choir

  • Live music performed at your school once a year (it is an NC requirement for children to hear live music)

  • Attendance at 3 music concerts a year (free with a paid item)

  • Access to our new ‘composer of the month’ resources (free with a paid item)

  • Consultancy on your music documents (policy, intent etc). NB this is already free to some schools as part of a separate agreement

School Partner Plus: About Us
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