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Online Lessons are sometimes offered in agreement with the Teacher concerned. 

  • The Timetable will be arranged mutually between you and the teacher – for those who take school lessons with us the lesson times may remain the same.  

  • SMS is recommending ‘Zoom’ for online teaching. However, please follow the instructions of your teacher who may use a different platform 

  • Have a ‘test’ meeting with the teacher(s) prior to the lesson to ensure the setup is all working. If this is not possible please make sure you have tested your camera and mic before lesson begins. 

  • Practice book – please make full use of this as a reminder of what to practice. Write in the book yourself or ask your child to depending on age 

  • The teacher will also be able to give you feedback during and after the lesson 


  • Please be prompt with lesson times 

  • Our teachers will not engage in any gossip or chat about any outside issues or their own personal lives, please also refrain for doing so. 

  • If you need to discuss any aspect of the teaching, please raise with your teacher direct. If you wish to discuss anything with a member of SMS you can contact us at any time on 


  • Ensure your online lesson room is calm. You may use a living or dining area of your home only  

  •  Please allow no other family members into the lesson room apart from yourself unless necessary – for example if you have a baby and are on your own 

  • You or another adult over 18 must be present throughout when your child has their lesson. This guardian only must operate the computer and camera. Our teachers will not teach without this in place 

  • Privacy – do not discuss your personal life or circumstances with the teacher 

  • It is prohibited to record any part of the lesson 


Complaints procedure 

  • Safeguarding issues are taken extremely seriously at SMS and action on any complaint will be the number 1 priority of the company 

  • If you wish to make a complaint, please email 


Online Teaching Handbook: Programs
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