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for parents of pupils in schools 

SMS provides exceptional quality music tuition both privately and in schools across Sussex. We believe:  

  1. that music is a universal language through which all of us are able to express ourselves 

  1. music-making should always be creative and that all children have a right to a good quality music education.  

Whether it be in school or privately, with Sussex Music School, students explore music of different genres, styles and traditions, playing to their strengths and preferences, as they build on their abilities as musical performers. They regularly improvise and compose during lessons, ensuring that music making is enjoyable and relevant.  

Learners of all ages and abilities gain confidence, communication skills and well-being through the timeless activity of making music.   

Parents of children within a school setting agree to:  

  • Set up a standing order to pay monthly for lessons using the invoice number as a reference. Give ½ term’s notice if ceasing lessons ( SMS reserve the right to cancel lessons if payments are not made. 

  • Encourage the pupil to attend their lesson each week along with their instrument, music books and practice book (apart from keyboards which will be provided) If in a secondary school, it is the pupils’ responsibility to get to their lesson on time. In Primary schools they may be reminded and collected for lessons as appropriate 

  • Encourage regular practice and engage with the practice book (there is a parents’ comments box to communicate with the teacher) 

  • Purchase tutor and repertoire books as requested by the teacher. There should not be more than 2-3 books per year to buy. 

  • Inform the teacher as early as possible if unable to attend a lesson through a school trip or medical appointment. The teacher will try to the best of their ability to make up the lesson time on another occasion, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please communicate with the teacher direct. 

  • Be assured that if a teacher has to cancel a lesson, and no cover is available, the teacher will either make up the lesson time or SMS will issue a refund at the end of the year if the lesson has not been made up. 

  • Give half a term’s notice should they wish to terminate lessons. SMS will do the same on the rare occasion it has to withdraw the offer of lessons. 

Sussex Music School agree to: 

  • ensure excellent quality teaching, providing ongoing support and training to its teachers 

  • provide performance opportunities for all students  

  • Monitor our teachers, ensuring best practice, and provide on-going and up-to-date training 

  • Ensure all teachers have a current police check (DBS) and are insured 

  • Provide a practice book for all students. If your child loses their book there is a £2 fee for a replacement. 

  • Provide contact details of the teacher so that parents and teachers can communicate. Teachers will write these in the yellow books. 

  • Provide an opportunity to meet face to face with the teacher at least once per year 

  • Provide a yearly written progress report for your child 

  • Deal with concerns or complaints swiftly and professionally 

Teachers agree to:  

  •  work effectively by having specialist knowledge and skills. 

  • adopt the appropriate attitude, behaviour and dress code. 

  • manage my time effectively starting and finishing as planned and agreed. 

  • be aware of the support I may need and request help when necessary. 

  • keep up to date with all relevant paperwork, such as course planning and assessment documents, hand-outs, reports, registers, use of practice books, evaluation forms and invoices 

Be safe and responsible 

  • take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of everyone in my care, especially vulnerable children and adults. 

  •  ensure that the activity is adequately insured. 

  • provide references for my work on request and a DBS disclosure. 

Have appropriate musical skills 

  • ensure that the level of skills, knowledge and understanding are sufficient to undertake the work I am doing. 

  •  demonstrate musical expertise, creativity and versatility. 

  •  have appropriate musical resources to be able to adapt and react to changing circumstances. 

Work well with people 

  • value all students and treat them with respect. 

  • lead high quality and enjoyable music experiences. 

  •  be friendly, approachable and professional in my manner, communicating with parents and/or SMS promptly and professionally by email and text. 

Commit to professional development 

  • improve and update professional and personal skills, knowledge and creativity through regular training, personal reflection and membership of professional bodies.   

Schools Code of Practice: What We Do
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