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Sussex Music School provides exceptional quality music tuition both privately and in schools across Sussex. We believe:

  • that music is a universal language through which all of us are able to express ourselves

  • music-making should always be creative and that all children have a right to a good quality music education.

SMS came into being from the desire to bring a fresh approach to local music education. Passionate about quality and opportunity, Alex Dalton has brought together the very best local music teachers to offer exceptional service at an affordable price. 

At SMS we believe in developing our music workforce, enabling them to use up-to-date teaching methods and fully understand the needs of each learner. To this end our professional teachers receive training, light-touch monitoring and ongoing support as necessary from our senior team. Only the best teachers in the field locally are accredited to SMS.

Valuing our teachers is paramount as this will translate into the best musical experiences for our students.  If you know that you can give learners of all ages confidence, enhanced communication skills and well-being through the timeless activity of making music and you are a talented experienced music teacher, then please enquire today about teaching for SMS. 

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