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Please use the form below to request instrumental lessons. 


Please refer to our FAQ's and Code of Practice for more details in advance of signing up to lessons. If you have any questions about how things work, please feel free to email us on  


Instrumental lessons prices:  

30 minutes 1-2-1 - £64.00 per month (£22.40 per lesson)   


20 minutes 1-2-1. £48.70 per month (£17.20 per lesson) 

Pair/small group recorder only -  £36.83 per month (£13.00 per lesson) - only available if a suitable pair/group can be found. If not 1-2-1 20 mins will be offered.


Payment is taken by Direct Debit through our payment provider GoCardless. Payment is taken monthly even during the school holidays for an annual number of lessons, which helps to spread the cost into more manageable amounts across the year.   

Lesson Requirement

Thanks for submitting!

Oakwood Primary Academy: Sales Lead
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