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SMS provides exceptional quality music tuition both privately and in schools across Sussex. We believe: 

  1. that music is a universal language through which all of us are able to express ourselves 

  1. music-making should always be creative and that all children have a right to a good quality music education.  

Whether it be in school or privately, with Sussex Music School, students explore music of different genres, styles and traditions, playing to their strengths and preferences, as they build on their abilities as musical performers. They regularly improvise and compose during lessons, ensuring that music making is enjoyable and relevant.  

Learners of all ages and abilities gain confidence, communication skills and well-being through the timeless activity of making music.   

Sussex Music School agree to: 

  • ensure excellent quality teaching, providing ongoing support and training to its teachers 

  • Monitor our teachers, ensuring best practice, and provide on-going and up-to-date training 

  • Ensure all teachers have current police check (DBS) and are insured 

  • Provide a practice book for all students 

  • Provide contact details of the teacher so that parents and teachers can communicate 

  • Deal with any concerns or complaints swiftly and professionally 

  • Notify you for permission if we would like to view your child's lesson to give you a chance to opt out

  • Notify you if we would like to use our story or image on social media, our website or in the press and always give you the option to opt out. 

  • Delete your information from our systems if you leave us and never hold information except under the GDPR rules.


Teachers agree to:  

  •  work effectively by having specialist knowledge and skills. 

  • adopt the appropriate attitude, behaviour and dress code. 

  • manage their time effectively starting and finishing as planned and agreed. 

  • be aware of the support they may need and request help when necessary. 

  • keep up to date with all relevant paperwork, such as course planning and assessment documents, hand-outs, registers, use of practice books etc 

Be safe and responsible 

  • take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of everyone in their care, especially vulnerable children and adults. 

  •  ensure that the activity is adequately insured. 

  • provide references for their work on request and a DBS disclosure. 


Have appropriate musical skills 

  • ensure that the level of skills, knowledge and understanding are sufficient to undertake the work they are doing. 

  •  demonstrate musical expertise, creativity and versatility. 

  •  have appropriate musical resources to be able to adapt and react to changing circumstances. 


Work well with people 

  • value all students and treat them with respect. 

  • lead high quality and enjoyable music experiences. 

  •  be friendly, approachable and professional in manner, communicating with parents and/or SMS promptly and professionally by email and text. 

Commit to professional development 

  • They improve and update their skills, knowledge and creativity through regular training, personal reflection and membership of professional bodies. 


Parents/adult learners agree to:  


  • after the free first lesson, pay for each series of lessons invoiced in full before the start of these lessons by bank transfer, cash or cheque. 

  • agree and consistently abide by a suitable time slot for the lesson 

  • Encourage regular practice and engagement with the practice book.    

  • Inform the teacher of any additional needs or medical issues that might affect music learning in order that the teacher can adapt if necessary and design effective lessons 

  • If a teacher must cancel a lesson, choose between rescheduling, carrying the lesson forward or receiving a refund 

  • Give notice no later than one month before the end of a series of lessons, should they wish to terminate lessons. The teacher will also do the same. Sussex Music School will endeavour to find a new teacher. 

Codes of Practise Private Pupils: Service
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