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What are my monthly payments? 

£21.50 for 30 minutes - £61.00 per month (from 1st August) - 34 lessons per annum 

£16.50 for 20 minutes. £46.75 per month (from 1st August) - 34 lessons per annum 

£12.50 for paired (selected schools only) - £35.42 per month (from 1st August) 

30 Lesson Schools (A21 and Annan) 

£21.50 for 30 minutes - £53.75 per month (from 1st August) 

How many lessons will my child receive? 

We teach on 34 weeks of the school year* (there are 39 weeks in a school year so there will be a few weeks when we do not teach and this allows us to work around Bank Holidays and Inset Days) 

If you start midway through the school year you will be charged the same monthly amount to cover a reduced number of lessons from your start date and over fewer months.  

*30 weeks for Annan and Atelier 21 Schools 

How is payment made? 

Payments are taken by Direct Debit on or around (but not before) the 1st of each month.  

You will receive an invoice each month as a reminder. You have total control over your Direct Debit payments and can cancel (subject to our cancellation policy) at any time with ½  a terms notice.  

Why do I have to pay in August when there are no lessons? 

Lessons are charged over 12 months. You only pay for the 34 lessons you will receive. The total payment is calculated and averaged out over 12 months to make it more manageable.  

Some months your child will receive 5 lessons, some months you will receive 2 lessons, depending on school terms, inset or bank holidays or other factors, but you will always pay the same monthly amount and receive 34 lessons per annum. 

How will I find out when  lessons are taking place? 

Once we receive the August payment, we know your child will be learning with us. We can then start working put our complex timetables in time for September which will be notified to you by your teachers directly. 

What else do I receive? 

  • Contact details of the teacher with whom you can discuss your child’s learning at a mutually agreed time 

  • A chance to meet the teacher face to face at least once per year, either at your request or at the school 

  • An SMS practice book 

  • A written end of year progress report 

What if a lesson is missed? 

If a lesson is missed due to a school trip or medical appointment, the teacher will try to make up the lesson time on another occasion. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Please inform the teacher in advance as this will help them to rearrange if possible 

If a lesson is missed due to pupil absence, including illness, the lesson cannot be made up 

If a lesson is missed due to the closure of the school i.e. ‘snow day’, strike day or a large local lockdown due to COVID -19, the lesson may be offered online instead. 

If a lesson is missed due to teacher absence the lesson will either be rearranged, made up at a later date or, in the rare case when 34 lessons are not offered across the year, a refund will be paid at the end of the school year.  

How do I cancel lessons? 

Please give us half a term’s notice in writing to if you wish to terminate lessons. We will confirm with you the date of the final lesson and we will refund any money owed to you or issue a final invoice to close the account. 

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