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At Sussex Music School, we believe that all children have a right to a good quality Music Education.  Find your school below to book an in school lesson for your child.

If you would like to become a Partner School and use SMS for your in school Music provision please see our Partner Schools Section

To  apply for lessons refer to our School List

All our lessons are now individual 1-2-1 lessons and we deliver 34 lessons* during the school year paid for by monthly Direct Debit  from August to July across 12 calendar months.  

Please note we add pupils only on a half termly basis and so a waiting list will run for all enquiries received mid term. Our list is closed each term approximately one month before the new term of pupils commences but you will always be offered a place is available as soon as we can in the next term's list. 

We requirea  full half term notice to stop lessons in order to give our teachers adequate notice. 

Instrumental lessons prices:  

30 minutes 1-2-1 - £64.00 per month (£22.40 per lesson)   


20 minutes 1-2-1. £48.70 per month (£17.20 per lesson) 


Payment is taken by Direct Debit through our payment provider GoCardless. Payment is taken monthly even during the school holidays for an annual number of lessons, which helps to spread the cost into more manageable amounts across the year.   

If you start part way through a year a one-off balancing payment will be requested and the standard monthly amounts will still apply each month. 

*Annan School and Atelier 21 have 30 lessons per school year- 30 minute individual lesson : £22.40 for 30 minutes - £56.00 per month (from 1st August) 



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