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What our Schools, Parents and Pupils Say about us


Thank you for everything. The staff meeting you did for us was really brilliant and we all enjoyed it and found it really useful. You are amazing, and your real love of children’s music is so evident - you are a brilliant inspiration to teachers, and we found you so helpful to us. THANK YOU.


I’d like to say how enthused Jasmine is with Tessa’s piano lessons. She really missed Liz when she left and her enthusiasm had started to wane but Tessa has really helped to reignite it again and the extra things she’s doing with a piano related inspiration board are just lovely, Jasmine is loving her lessons again and I’ve heard another child who has lessons with Tessa say the same.


Dan has always been one of my favourite bass players to work with, great musicality with an ability to make any band feel good. In the last 8 years I have worked with Dan in a variety of genres on electric and upright bass and I have a firm belief that he is a must call for anyone wanting first class bass playing.


Alexandra Dalton has achieved fantastic results with our daughter, Jessie, since she began teaching her just over a year ago. Alexandra has found the perfect balance for teaching children between being corrective & clear with her expectations, as well as being very encouraging, excited by each small milestone & recognising the effort from the child. Jessie is eager to please during each lesson & excited to practice between lessons. We couldn't be happier with her progress - both Alexandra & Jessie have exceeded our expectations greatly.

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