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1. How much do lessons cost and how will I be billed?

Please See our Pricing Pages for details of how much lessons costs and how lessons are billed

2. How do I pay for lessons 

We encourage parents to pay by direct debit each month in advance. See our Pricing Pages for more info on this preferred option.

3. Where do the Lessons take place? 

Lessons take place at the teachers home studios . Some teacher will come to you at home but a £5.00 fee will be added for each visit to your home to cover travel time and costs. 

4. How to I book my lessons ?

Please complete the form below to make contact. 

You will be put in touch with your most local and suitable teacher to arrange your lessons at a mutually convenient time and date which will stay in place.  

You may also arrange with the teacher to plan ahead for any holidays you have booked.  Lessons are invoiced and administered centrally by our administrator. 

5. How do I arrange my lessons 

All Lesson arrangements are made directly with teachers and central admin is only responsible for invoices. 

6. What if a lesson is missed?

If a lesson is missed due to teacher absence/illness the lesson will either be rearranged with mutual agreement or added to the end of the block , whichever is more convenient to the pupil/parent.

If a lesson is missed at short notice due to travel disruption or pupil illness or absence, the lesson cannot be made up or refunded if less than 24 hours notice is given. 

If more than 24 hours’ notice is given for unavoidable absence, SMS will only in effect charge for ½ the lesson price and adapt lesson register/ block to reflect this. 

In the case of an unforeseen or ongoing medical emergency, SMS may decide to refund on compassionate grounds on teacher recommendation.


7. What if My Internet or Computer Fails in an Online lesson?

Please refer to our online lesson handbook for information on the cancellation and failure of technology during online lessons.

8. How do I cancel my music lessons?

Please give us one month’s notice firstly to your teacher and with a copy to if you wish to terminate lessons. We will confirm with you the date of the final lesson and refund any money owed to you or invoice for a final amount in the case of those on standing orders.

9. Complaints 

If you would like to raise a concern about any aspect of the teaching you receive please raise in the first instance with your teacher.  If he concern relates to your teacher please email immediately. Please refer to our Code of Practise for more information

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