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Royal Conservatory of Music, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Grade 10 flute performance. Masters of Music in Flute Performance, 

Curriculum and Instrumental  Flute, Recorder


I am a passionate, dedicated flute musician and teacher. I have over 20 years’ experiences in teaching flute and recorder individually in groups and ensembles. I have been teaching in UK since 2008, running workshops, soundmakers, individual and group lessons.  

I use a creative, flexible and lively approach to teaching and believe that a positive teaching process full of playfulness, encouragement and inspiration are essential to love the music that you make. 
I can help you with performance skills, motivation, improvisation and music theory.  

I bring my own experience as a classical music solo performer (competitions, concerts, theatre plays), classical chamber music and orchestra performer as well as a member of the Bliss Art band.  

I have experience with working with pupils with learning disabilities such as Asperger’s syndrome and Dyslexia. I adapt my teaching approach accordingly for students with specific needs, taking into account such things as understanding the way their brain works and the individual’s characteristics. My experience as a  Gestalt therapist enriches the different approach to teaching. I create a safe space where they can reach their potential.  

Jana: TeamMember
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