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Useful Websites for Online Learning

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Here at Sussex Music School we’ve been trawling the internet looking for the most accessible and fun websites for music learning in order to engage our curriculum learners.

Here’s a small sample of some of the best free resources we’ve been using:

Ten Pieces - BBC Teach – a vast array of listening and activities around famous pieces of classical music

London Symphony Orchestra - Digital Activities – wonderful programme of listening and activities, again based on classical music.

Chrome Music Lab – a fantastic resource enabling children to experiment and make their own music

Bongo Cat – allows children to play on virtual percussion, marimba and piano

Xylo (– a virtual xylophone

Keyboard Creatability with Google – play this keyboard with a mouse or even your body! (great for SEND)

Little Kids Rock Jam Zone – a huge collection of lesson in rock and pop styles

MSO Learn – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra site for learning about the orchestra

Musicca – Learn music theory for free – virtual instruments and theory lessons

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