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Adult Learners go from Strength the Strength in Lockdown

You are never too old to take up an instrument or to learn to sing!!! Here at Sussex Music School we offer free trial lessons to adults as well as children and our Adult learners are giving the youngsters a real run for their money taking up Cello, Singing, Piano, Sax, Guitar and Drums.

Bonnie and Dave are two of our adult pupils who have been learning Saxophone in Hove with our teacher Charlotte for almost 6 months now. Sometimes learning online, sometimes in person and even, for a few lessons, outside in their local park, they are making amazing progress.

Bonnie says “We’re incredibly happy with Charlotte she is a brilliant teacher, so personable, relaxed and confident in her manner, and makes us as adults look forward to the lessons because we know she’ll make us feel good and it’ll be interesting and fun. We absolutely love our lessons. What a strikingly talented teacher (I’m an ex Headteacher). She’s exactly what we were hoping to find as ‘at our age’ we’re learning for our own pleasure. She’s very understanding of my physical issues, I have a neurological condition called dystonia and she simply and without any fuss just works around it which is much appreciated. ”

Music is known to lift the mood and increase a sense of wellbeing and at this difficult time we all need that more than ever. With local music shops and online companies offering great rates on instrument hire, you can indulge yourself and choose something entirely different or perhaps return to an instrument you’ve tried before.

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