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A welcome return to in person teaching from 12 April 2021

Sussex Music School is so pleased to confirm that from 12th April we can begin in person teaching inside for our pupils (under 18's) at home and in our teachers studios under our Covid Safe policies and risk assessments which have gone out to pupils and teachers today .

Sadly we are not yet able to teach our adult learners in their homes but we know a few of you learnt in parks and gardens during the last easing and we are more than happy for you to make arrangements with teachers to bring the Music to Sussex outdoors and we will keep you posted in indoor lessons early in May we hope.

Online lessons remain available of course according to your preference.

We'd like to take this opportunity to compliment all our pupils, for for adapting so well this past year to the online lessons with SMS and for all your support. We are so pleased to have been able to continue to support pupils learning music at this time and have so many new pupils both in schools and privately which is so encouraging.

Please keep spreading the word and recommend us to anyone who you know , adult or child, who might want to take up an instrument with us. We still offer a free trial to all new starters for private lessons . Just email for more information about teachers in your area.

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