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BaHons – Creative Artist (Songwriting) , Grade 8 - Electric Guitar

Guitar, Ukulele and Keyboard - Schools and Privately

Across Sussex

Reece Chapman, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, embarked on his musical journey at the age of 8 when he started to learn the guitar. His passion for music led him to achieve a distinction at Grade 8 for electric guitar, marking the early stages of a lifelong commitment. Reece has a Bachelor's degree in Songwriting from 'The Academy of Contemporary Music' in London; and is currently studying a Masters degree in Music Production at BIMM University in Brighton.

Reece embraces diversity in his teaching, covering a wide range of genres. He has a particular interest and area of expertise in Jazz & Blues.

A fundamental aspect of Reece's teaching philosophy is the promotion of music performance. With over 12 years of personal experience in the limelight, he understands the transformative power of live music.

In each lesson, Reece brings a blend of technical proficiency, theoretical knowledge, and a genuine love for music. His goal is not only to teach guitar but to foster a deep and lasting connection with the art form.

Reece: TeamMember
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