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BA (hons) Music, Alexander Technique. 

Classroom, Piano and Voice Teacher, Sussex

Mimmi is originally from Sweden but has lived and worked in the UK for nearly 20
years. She graduated with a BA (hons) Music degree from Middlesex University with a focus on
jazz singing. However, the piano was her first instrument, and she started her musical journey
as a classical pianist before her love of singing took over.
She has about 20 years of experience of teaching in schools, choirs and instrumental lessons
in Sweden, Norway and the UK and is passionate about sharing the joy of singing and
She believes strongly in keeping the music alive and not reducing it to exercises and technique
only, but to adapt each lesson to the learner and his/her interest and motivations.
As a jazz singer and pianist her biggest love is improvisation, freedom of expression and
interpretation - and it is something that she tries to bring to her teaching.
Mimmi also retrained as an Alexander technique teacher in 2012 and has since also been an
expert in how the body and posture play a big role in how we sing and play an instrument, and
she will be able to help you with issues such as tension related to holding or sitting by an
instrument or breathing.
Music exams are a great way to monitor your progress and Mimmi is using ABRSM for classical
exams and Rockschool for rock/pop exams and is more than happy to support you with them
and has a 100% pass rate.
When not playing, Mimmi loves to hang out with her 2-year-old daughter, playing beach volleyball
and dancing.

Mimmi: TeamMember
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