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Please use the form below to book a lesson at Wivelsfield Primary School - - please note our list is now closed for lessons commencing after Easter.  All enquiries  will be put on our waiting list for pupils starting in September 2023.

All our lessons are now individual 1-2-1 lessons and we deliver 34 lessons during the school year paid for by monthly standing order from August to July across 12 calendar months.  If you join midway through a school year, calculations will be made according to our Standing Order policy.  

Instrumental lessons prices:  

20 minute individual lesson: £15.20 per lesson.  34 lessons across 12 months = £43 per month (paid monthly from August 2022-July 2023) 

30 minute individual lesson (recommended and better value for money): £20.30 per lesson - 34 lessons across 12 months= £57.52 per month (paid monthly from August 2022-July 2023) 

30 minute paired fife and recorder lesson (Wivelsfield) £11.50 per person per lesson. 34 lessons across 12 months = £34.00 per month, per child (paid monthly from August 2022 to July 2023)  

Instrument Requirement
Lesson Requirement

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Wivelsfield Primary School: Sales Lead
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