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Guitar and Music Theory
Haywards Heath and Crawley


I have been playing guitar since the age of 16 beginning with electric guitar and playing rock before playing classical and then steel string guitar. My interests lie in improvisation, composition for solo acoustic guitar and music theory and analysis. I have experience of playing in a band setting and also as a solo classical performer. 

My teaching style focuses on the techniques needed to play varied styles of music with ease and authenticity while also understanding the musical concepts and rules by which the music functions which allows the musician to develop and improve constantly. I have developed a deep interest in modes and advanced concepts over the years from jazz , rock and the classical repertoire which is extremely rewarding. 

I have experience of teaching in schools and colleges across Sussex for more than 20 years now and some of my students have gone on to recording contracts and careers in music tech themselves. 

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Robert: TeamMember
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