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Before the lesson

1. Consider whether you, the pupil or any member of your household is clinically more vulnerable to COVID. 

If the answer is yes, please arrange for the lesson to take place online until further notice and notify SMS Admin of this decision. 

Teachers have all been asked about the above and will not be able to offer lessons if the answer is yes except online. 

2. Wash your hands thoroughly.

The teacher will bring their own sanitiser and try to avoid using your bathroom or toilet.

3. Ensure the room is well ventilated and maintain social distancing or host the lesson outside where possible.

4. Establish a clear path

Establish a clear path to the teaching room and ensure no other household members are nearby.

The teacher will not touch anything on the way to the room.

5. Open the door to the teaching room, as the teacher to walk in to the far end, then ask the student to follow so they are nearest the door. Ensure only you touch the door, lights etc.

6. If you are a parent observing the lesson, ensure you sit on the pupil’s side of the room and are socially distanced from the teacher.

7. The teacher may use a screen, visor, or facemask for learning at a distance of under 2 metres. We'd encourage pupil to do the same until further national guidance is issued in this area.  Aim to position side by side or back to back in addition to other protection measures.

8. Face Masks/ Visor

If the teacher has to move less than 2 metres towards the pupil, they will wear a visor or mask.

During the lesson

1.No  contact with surfaces

The teacher will not touch the pupil’s instrument, practice book or sheet music.

2. Gloves and Sanitizer

If the teacher must demonstrate on a piano, they will wear medical gloves to do so.

After the lesson

1. Wash hands thoroughly

2. Wipe down with sanitiser or soap any surfaces that have been touched by the teacher and clean the bathroom if it has been used.

3. Wash hands again.

4.  Ventilate the room for as long as reasonably possible before returning the room to family/normal usage

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