1. Please do not, under any circumstances, attend the Centre, if you suspect that you (or anyone you live with or who have been in contact with) is unwell or may be coming down with Coronavirus symptoms: follow the current self-isolation procedures and government guidance and please exercise caution for everyone’s safety at the Centre.
2. Wash your hands and your child’s hands thoroughly before going to Centre. Hand sanitiser will be supplied by teachers before the lesson and available around the building.
3. If the teacher thinks that your child may be showing symptoms of Coronavirus, they will stop the lesson and our centre manager will kindly and gently move the child to an area away from other children and call you or your secondary contact to arrange immediate pick up.
4. We will observe current advised social distancing guidelines at all times. 5 Where possible, we will set up the room to direct airflow away from the pupil and the teacher but not at the expense of normal safeguarding or health and safety considerations: Where possible ventilation will be in the form of an open window.
6. Pupils and parents should wash their hands thoroughly after the lesson; the teacher will hand sanitise before and after the lesson using their own sanitiser.
7. If you have any concerns about our polices or risk assessments, please advise us as soon as possible. We do our very best to keep all children safe and appreciate all feedback.
8. Where government guidance and legislation demand it we will endeavour to take our centre online and continue to provide a service and you will be notified as soon as changes need to be made