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Piano, Secondary Music, Curriculum 
Brighton and Hove and Haywards Heath

Carrie is an enthusiastic and energetic classroom and piano teacher, with 7 years experience teaching instrumental lessons. Carrie studied Music at university, and furthered her love of the subject by taking it to Masters level in 2016, before studying a PGCE in Secondary Music. She currently teaches curriculum music at a renowned Secondary School in East Sussex, where she also runs multiple extra-curricular activities including the school choir.  
Carrie takes time to intentionally create a positive and nurturing environment for her pupils; she believes that they learn best when motivated to learn through playing music they enjoy. She continues to play live herself, gigging around Brighton with her partner, and hosting open mic nights on a monthly basis. 
In her spare time, Carrie enjoys cycling across the South Downs, bouldering, and winding down at her favourite yoga class.

Carrie: Service
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