Some important practical information and links for parents of children attending Bexhill Music Centre

Venue and Times 

Hourly and half hourly classes between 4pm-7pm (please see timetable for exact times)

Freedom Church, Sidley, Claremont Rd, Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 5BX


Download BMC Timetable 

For instrumental lessons times please refer to your confirmation email or contact  the office.  

BMC Teachers and Management

Full details of all our Teachers and Staff can be found our our BMC Team page.

Drop Offs 

Please drop your child at the Claremont Road Entrance of the Centre and keep a safe social distance when waiting.

Arrival for Instrumental Lessons and Mini Music Makers -3.50pm - doors open 3.55pm

Pick up 4.30 Mini Music Makers 

Arrival for Choir - 3.55pm - doors open 4pm. 

Pick up 5pm Choir 

We have around 20 people turning at this time so please bear with us and we will aim to open doors and check everyone as safely and quickly as possible. 

If you are in the Junior Choir please stand back if at all possible and let the Mini Music Makers and Private Pupils in at 3.55 as they have a shorter lesson and the manager will call you in at 4pm for an hour of Choir.   Please pick up at 5pm promptly.

Please be patient with us as we try to make the entry and exit as safe and well managed as  possible. 

Pick Ups 

Please refer to the timetable for your pick up times. 

With regard to pick up we will sign all children out in a similar way so do please arrive promptly. Please see below if your child is allowed to leave without an adult.

Older Children not being picked up.

Please note on our Registration Form if your child has permission to leave on their own and we will make a note with our Centre Manager 

If you are late to pick up 

Please use the Emergency Number 07769 898903 if you are going to be delayed.  In this case we will keep the children, supervised in our cafe area and wait for you. 

If you are late more than once, to pick up , we may have to take your child off the register. Please ensure you pick up your child on time and keep your phone on so we are able to contact you in emergencies.

Alternative Pick Up Arrangements

 If you are sending someone else to pick up your child, please let us know in advance who that person is by using the number above. 


Please make sure you are familiar with all our policies and let us know by text or email if you are unable to attend. Policies relating to BMC can be found in our FAQ's and Code of Practise 

Parents Staying for the Lessons/Groups

We have capacity for some parents of younger children to stay in our cafe area so do feel free if you think your child needs you to be there and let the manager know you are staying when you arrive. 

Emergency Contacts

Please make sure you have completed our Registration form on our website so we have your emergency contact details. Children cannot enter the centre until this form is completed and noted on our registers.

Photography and Press

Please contact us by email if you do NOT give permission for us to photograph your child at the centre - we will always notify you if we wish to use images in promotions or social media and will always follow your instructions and keep the images safe. 

Making the Centre a Success

We still have places in all our groups and for some instrumental lessons one to one at the Centre and as a not for profit we rely on parents to help us get as many pupils as possible  - please help us keep the centre running by sharing details of the Centre and recommending us to friends and family. 

Social Media

Our Facebook Page  and Instagram contains regular updates on groups and classes and we'd really appreciate you liking and sharing our posts. to really help build the Centre into the heart of the community.