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Curriculum Music, Piano, Flute and Recorder

East and West Sussex

I have been teaching piano and flute for 21 years. I obtained a BA Hons and trained to be a secondary school teacher in 2003. I worked for four years as head of KS3 and then head of music.  I became a primary music specialist  in 2013 and also led choir, orchestra and ukulele band. 

I teach piano, flute and recorder and also the  primary music curriculum. My pupils range from beginners to advanced , children and adults. 

I play flutes and whistles in a folk band and I have an eclectic music taste including folk, roots music, jazz, classical and pop and rock. 

I believe in teaching each pupil as an individual and not using a one size fits all approach. I also believe in having fun learning music.

What our schools say about Angela : "The children have loved having a music specialist teaching them. They are learning to appreciate how intricate and exciting music lessons can be and Angela has been fantastic at building relationships with the children, laying a brilliant foundation for an excellent music education." Rosie Townsend, Head of Performing Arts

Angela: Meet the Team
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