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Sussex Music School provides exceptional quality drum and percussion lessons for both adults and children across Sussex.  Whatever your age drum/percussion lessons will bring a sense of enjoyment, achievement and well-being.  Many adults are taking up drums as a way of relaxing after a busy day. Playing along with a rock song, improvising jazz or simply perfecting a complicated rhythm pattern can slow the heart rate, eliminate stress and give great personal pleasure. Children love to play drums and percussion because of the wide range of pieces and styles available and also the myriad of opportunities there are to perform with others. Every band needs a drummer so you are always in demand! There is great opportunity for improvisation and exploration as well as a classical percussion repertoire to master if you are so inclined. Drum/percussion lessons can also enhance skills in mathematics, memory, concentration, resilience and creativity.

Our teachers will advise on what type of instrument is best suited to you if you need to purchase one.  Sussex Music School teachers bring out the creative side of their students and will design a study programme based on each individual pupil’s needs – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach or ‘method’. Practise books and concert opportunities for those who want them, will be provided.

A list of our current teachers is supplied below. Sussex Music School is adding to our teacher database all the time so not all current teachers will necessarily be listed.

Drum & Percussion Teachers

Sam – PGCE Music TechSam

Sam is a professional musician with wide experience in performing and recording work and has been teaching in schools for over 18 years.

Having played many instruments including piano and guitar Sam specialised in the drums and has gone on to work with live and studio bands all over the world including The Quireboys, Bap Kennedy, Mary McBride and Steve Earle.

With his own band CAT he released an album through Universal Records in 2000 and supported acts such as Thin Lizzy, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.

Sam has been teaching in secondary schools in Hertfordshire and East Sussex since 1997 and maintains excellent results in Trinity grade exams as well as continued support with GCSE and A level performances.

As well as being experienced in one to one and group lessons Sam also runs a series of Rockschool sessions that provide a platform for young musicians to form bands, play in regular concerts and record their own music.Sessions have also been taken into Primary schools for beginners’ workshops.

Sam continues to perform regularly with various bands and enjoys dividing his working life between performing and teaching.

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