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SMS provides high quality private music tuition for children and adults across Sussex. We believe:

1) that music is a universal language through which all of us are able to express ourselves
2) music-making should always be creative and that all children have a right to a good quality music education.

Sussex Music School came into being from the desire to bring a fresh approach to local music education. Passionate about quality and opportunity, Alex Dalton has brought together the very best local music teachers to offer exceptional service at an affordable price.

With Sussex Music School, students explore music of different genres, styles and traditions according to their needs and preferences, as they build on their abilities as musical performers. In addition they regularly improvise and compose during lessons, ensuring that music making is enjoyable and relevant.

Learners of all abilities gain confidence, communication skills and well-being through the timeless activity of making music.

Dan has always been one of my favourite bass players to work with, great musicality with an ability to make any band feel good. In the last 8 years I have worked with Dan in a variety of genres on electric and upright bass and I have a firm belief that he is a must call for anyone wanting first class bass playing.
Jonathan, Horsham
My progress with Dan in terms of confidence, enjoyment and results have been very pleasing. I don’t think I could praise him more highly, I would strongly suggest you give Dan a call, book a lesson and get going. I believe you will be very pleased with your decision.
I’d been playing bass for a while but had hit a wall, I started lessons with Dan and haven’t looked back, all aspects of my playing have improved, my musical understanding,Technique and general musicianship are much better than they were. Dan’s Musical knowledge and style of teaching are excellent, he’s friendly and put me at ease straight away, I would highly recommend him as a teacher.
Alexandra Dalton has achieved fantastic results with our daughter, Jessie, since she began teaching her just over a year ago. Alexandra has found the perfect balance for teaching children between being corrective & clear with her expectations, as well as being very encouraging, excited by each small milestone & recognising the effort from the child. Jessie is eager to please during each lesson & excited to practice between lessons. We couldn't be happier with her progress - both Alexandra & Jessie have exceeded our expectations greatly.