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Instrumental Tuition

At Sussex Music School, we believe that all children have a right to a good quality Music Education.

Sussex Music School provides individual or paired instrumental tuition to children in schools. To ensure equality of opportunity, we sell direct to schools – you can then decide to passport the entire cost to parents or, where appropriate, use Pupil Premium to subsidise all or some of the cost (as advised by Ofsted).  Unlike other music providers, SMS will not deliver instrumental lessons to more than two children at once. This policy is born from a desire to provide excellent outcomes for all students alongside value for money. A typical lesson lasts for ½ hour.  At SMS we believe in developing our music workforce, enabling them to use up-to-date teaching methods and fully understand the needs of each learner. To this end our professional teachers receive ongoing training, monitoring and support from our senior team. Only the best teachers in the field locally are accredited to SMS. Valuing our teachers is paramount as this will translate into the best musical experiences for our students. To view our code of practise, click here

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